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What’s the process in obtaining a Business License in Dubai?

We may now go on to understand the procedure of a business receiving a trading license after learning the definition and sorts of trade licenses. An outline of the essential procedures for acquiring a business license in Dubai is provided below:

  • Select a name for your Business that complies with government regulations prohibiting affiliation with politics or religion.
  • Choose the business venture that you or your organization plans to undertake.
  • Find the trade license that best suits your needs by searching for it.
  • Complete the initial application form and send it in for consideration.
  • Gather all relevant paperwork and documents, such as your application form and Memorandum of Association (MOA), with a local sponsor.
  • Locate an office space that meets your needs and rent it. (This is to get a business address, which is required to get on with the process.)
  • Obtain a tenancy agreement and have the Ejari (Dubai Land Department) certify to it or approve it.
  • Turn over all your completed paperwork and documents to the DED (Department of
  • Economic Development)
  • Receive final approval from the DED and get your fee voucher
  • Pay the trade license fees

The DED will grant you the license once you have paid the trade licensing costs. After that, you can submit an application for a residence visa for you, your workers, and any family members you intend to bring to the Emirate.

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