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As a business owner, you must be prepared to go through the numerous phases of the setup process. Identifying the type of license needed to launch a firm should be the first step for entrepreneurs. To determine the appropriate license type, make a list of the activities that are relevant to your Business.

During the license application procedure, the Department of Economic Development (DED) will require a number of documents. Here are some examples of the paperwork you will need to submit:

  • A letter signed by the DED that approves the name of the company and activity that they wish to carry out
  • A completed application form that has been attested and signed by the company’s legal representative(s).
  • Tenancy contract from office space
  • Passport copies of all company shareholders
  • Memorandum of Association with your local sponsor


Additional documentation may be needed depending on your business activity and whether further clearances are required.

Although obtaining a company license in Dubai may not seem to be too difficult, it is advised that you seek the assistance of a professional business setup consultancy agency to help you navigate the extensive paperwork and formalities.

We may now go on to understand the procedure of a business receiving a trading license after learning the definition and sorts of trade licenses. An outline of the essential procedures for acquiring a business license in Dubai is provided below:

  • Select a name for your Business that complies with government regulations prohibiting affiliation with politics or religion.
  • Choose the business venture that you or your organization plans to undertake.
  • Find the trade license that best suits your needs by searching for it.
  • Complete the initial application form and send it in for consideration.
  • Gather all relevant paperwork and documents, such as your application form and Memorandum of Association (MOA), with a local sponsor.
  • Locate an office space that meets your needs and rent it. (This is to get a business address, which is required to get on with the process.)
  • Obtain a tenancy agreement and have the Ejari (Dubai Land Department) certify to it or approve it.
  • Turn over all your completed paperwork and documents to the DED (Department of economic Development)
  • Receive final approval from the DED and get your fee voucher
  • Pay the trade license fees


The DED will grant you the license once you have paid the trade licensing costs. After that, you can submit an application for a residence visa for you, your workers, and any family members you intend to bring to the Emirate.

The kind of license you need depends on your line of work and business operations. Each of the five types of trade licenses offered by the HEBA International Business Setup allows you to engage in a different activity or offer a different service.
The following are the most typical types of business permits in Dubai:

1. Commercial Trade License:

Companies that engage in any kind of commercial trade activity are granted this kind of license. If a person or group wants to launch a general or niche trade firm, this license is the suggested and legal option. If you are a foreigner who wishes to receive a commercial license in Dubai mainland, you must find a local sponsor to whom you would give 51% of your company’s shares. Some of the enterprises that will need a commercial license include real estate, import/export, etc. You will then hold 49% of the remaining share. However, in Dubai’s free zones, you are able to apply for a business license while owning 100% of the company.

2. Industrial Trade License:

If you want to start a business that engages in manufacturing or any other type of industrial activity, you must have this license. Having an industrial license will enable you to produce goods utilizing domestic or foreign raw materials, and some of the sectors you can operate in are listed below.
Activities you can do under Industrial License:

  • Textile
  • Food
  • Stationery
  • Medical equipment


3. E-Trade License

Have you ever considered using social media to launch a small business from home? You might want to market your website design, handmade items, or any IT services. Or perhaps you currently sell your goods or services on social media and are wondering if it is allowed to conduct business online in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has prioritized becoming the leading e-commerce hub. And has contributed fresh ideas and systems to boost economic activity. In Dubai, the E trader license has been one such mechanism. It was established in 2017 to assist immigrants who want to work remotely on social media. Continue reading to find out more about this Dubai home e-trading license.

You can read more about the price of an E trader license in Dubai in this specific article. What you can do with it and how to apply for it In Dubai, the DED has introduced an e-trading license that focuses on online business activities. So that Dubai residents can conduct business on social media. You are able to sell goods and services on social media with the help of this license.

Only residents of Dubai with a residency visa or citizens of the UAE or GCC are eligible to apply for an E trader license, and the owner must be a resident of Dubai who is at least 18 years old and a citizen of the UAE or GCC. You cannot rent an office or grant visas using the DED E trader license, and the license will be held solely responsible in case of a legal disagreement.

In Dubai, the DED is in charge of overseeing E-trade licensing operations. Your ability to conduct business on social media is its primary objective. Your ability to sell your goods on social media will be made more accessible for you thanks to the E trader license in Dubai. Additionally, it will increase customers’ trust when they shop online. Following the struggles to stop forgery or bogus goods from being sold on social media platforms like Instagram, the DED announced the e-trader license. The DED E trader license’s primary goal is to control social media sales of goods and services in Dubai.
You do require an E trader license in Dubai if you’re a single person who wants to offer goods and services online through personal websites or social media accounts. For instance, you can make handcrafted goods or any services from home and sell them on Facebook in Dubai with this DED E trader license.

E trading license in Dubai is the best option if you only need to work from home and do not want to rent an office because it does not require you to present any Ejari documentation. It is perfect for home-based firms with just one owner that doesn’t require a local partner or freelancers. Anyone having a resident visa in the UAE is eligible to apply for an E trader license in Dubai, provided they are based there and are at least 21 years old.


In Dubai, an E trader license costs AED 1,070. If you choose to participate in a commercial activity, you must pay an additional $300. Additionally, you must renew your license annually. You have 24 hours to pay the fee after applying for the license and receiving the payment voucher. But take note that if you are unable to renew your license within a month of the expiration date, the authorities will terminate it. Obtaining an E-trader license takes three to five working days.


You may legally sell goods on social media with a home-based business or an E-trade license in Dubai. You can advertise and sell goods and services with this license form via personal websites, social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Additionally, you can sell your goods on internet stores like Souq.com. You can reach out to customers lawfully during conferences and exhibits if you have a DED E-trade license. You can defend any other intellectual property, including your trade name. You can attend exercises and workshops the DED holds for an E-trading license in Dubai.
Only a single-owner home-based firm or freelancer is eligible for an E trader license in Dubai. You are not allowed to open a physical store or apply for any visas with this license.
You can sell your goods and services in Dubai if you have an e-trader license. However, you must obtain permission from the relevant Department of Economic Development DED if you intend to sell in other emirates. You might need to obtain a new UAE E-trader license to sell in that particular Emirate.


It is significant to know that there are restrictions on what can be sold on social media in Dubai if you have an e-trading license. With this kind of license, you are able to engage in professional activity (selling professional services) as well as commercial activity (selling tangible goods and goods). The restrictions on what people can market and sell on social media vary depending on the nationality for all other emigrants. In general, expats from outside the GCC are not allowed to sell physical goods over social media, only professional services. This might involve maintenance permits in the United Arab Emirates, repairs, event management, and photography services. When you apply for the license, you may learn more about which countries are eligible for this license and what you are allowed to offer through social media.


Online registration for the E-trader license in Dubai is a quick and simple process. The E-trading license Dubai application process is simple and quick. You may also apply for an E trade license in Dubai on the authority website. In order to register with DED and make the payments, you must first create a DED trader account. You must also provide information about your social media profiles when applying for the license. Typically, it takes five to ten minutes to receive the license confirmation. Something you can subsequently print out!

4. Professional License

You’ll be able to market your services as a person or a business if you decide to obtain a professional trade license. When you have a professional license, you can do things like:

  • Teaching
  • Practicing Law
  • Auditing
  • Consulting
  • And many more to offer …


In essence, it grants someone with academic credentials the right to market their expertise. Additionally, you need this license to operate if you own a business that provides services. The fact that you can own 100% of this even if you’re an expat is an advantage. Read this to understand the distinction between a professional and a commercial license.

5. Tourism License

Given that Dubai is a popular travel destination on a global scale, there are many chances in the tourism sector. For this reason, the government has made obtaining a tourism license a requirement before doing related tasks in the city-state. In actuality, it is an essential need to be met to open a travel agency. You can do the following if you obtain this license.

Activities you can do under Tourism License:

  • Rent out hotels
  • Rent out guest houses and rooms
  • Set up campsites


These are only a few of the more important ones; otherwise, the license requires you to engage in a wide range of other tourism-related activities.

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