About Us

Today HEBA International has rapidly grown from beyond a PRO Services and one
step solution for your business needs into a Accounting Services, Human Resources,
Visa, Sales Channel and Digital Marketing Services.

Started as a startup focusing on providing PRO services and a one stop solution to business set-up to ensure that full potentials are being maximized through the implementation of our efficiency and reliable resources.

HEBA International Business setup is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build
their company. We utilize all aspects of marketing solutions, accounting services, human
resources, and processing legal documents. A range of gamut PRO Services to
companies and individuals that provides freedom to operate with no hindrances in an
effortless, effective and cost-efficient way.

By going beyond our customers expectations we are looking forward to build a
long-lasting professional relationship with all our partner needs.


With the assistance of HEBA International, we will assist you with setting up your company license, which is a need that you must fulfill in order to be permitted to work lawfully in the United Arab Emirates. You are required to fulfill it, and the Department of Economic Development (DED) oversees the entire process to ensure it is carried out.

You will be able to engage in the following activities after you get your trade license:

  • Things to do in Dubai after obtaining a business license
  • Export and import goods to and from other nations
  • Participate in a range of business-related endeavors.
  • Reach out to more people by promoting your services and goods.
  • Being capable of operating several businesses (according to the license you have)


If you want to start a business, HEBA International is the ideal location for you to set up shop and offers a one-step solution to your needs. You need a business license in Dubai in order to be able to work there and throughout the United Arab Emirates lawfully.

This is because Dubai has established itself as one of the top trade and commercial destinations worldwide over the last 20 years. The process for obtaining a business license in Dubai involves receiving approvals from numerous government offices, whether the firm is in a Freezone or on the mainland. For new and inexperienced investors, this process can be stressful and time-consuming. With the correct license counsel, HEBA International Business setup consultants can assist you in obtaining your business license quickly.

No matter where you are in the world or whatever foreign country you want to visit, HEBA International can fulfill all of your visa needs quickly and effectively. Dubai has something spectacular in store for you, whether you’re traveling alone, with family, or with friends.

We uphold discipline in our work, and our committed team works to provide one of the best public relations services, particularly concerning free zone registration services, immigration services, ministries, and government departments. By offering the most reliable, effective, and efficient services, we can help save time and money. In order to register the company under Dubai labour legislation and the company act, PRO services in Dubai play a crucial role in the client’s needs for a business startup.

Our team has a more sophisticated and varied role than any other employee in any company area. The majority of the legal elements of the firm are covered by the services that a PRO supplies or renders. The presence of a skilled public relations officer is very beneficial to the business and is quite significant.

When it comes to registering the business and obtaining a trade license certificate, HEBA International should be contacted. We represent your company in topics connected to and pertaining to approvals from the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Interior Affairs, Government Departments, and Chamber of Commerce. Consular matters and business registrations. Document attestation, import/export document attestation, and document processing by the Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce. Coordinating the appropriate visa arrangements for employees, including work, visitor, and family visas, and working on the extension of such visas.

HEBA International is the best company in Dubai that prefers a local person to hire for the PRO job as this is one of the most important jobs for any company. Having a local guy can solve many linguistic issues related to language barriers. Having a local or an expat working as a PRO in your company does help and provide assistance in the affairs relating to all government and semi-government works, as well as in the areas of all government and semi-government affairs. The finest part about registering a new trade license is us.

Any type of organization can benefit from the extensive HR services HEBA International offers. Setting and attaining milestones is the key to the entire process of completing the bigger vision. Human resources are essential, no matter how big or small a corporation is. HR duties are hiring, firing, payroll, and staying current on regional employment rules and regulations. A company can efficiently manage its personnel by implementing the appropriate HR procedures and regulations.

Businesses can concentrate more on expansion and growth by outsourcing the HR function or a portion of it because professionals will handle the day-to-day management of the staff. Payroll Middle East provides HR support that is intended to be managed by businesses in the United Arab Emirates. Our HR solutions can be provided on an as-needed basis where and when needed.

Whether you are a start-up business or as a individual, HEBA International are armed to assist with your tax and accounting responsibilities.

You can raise brand awareness by using the appropriate digital marketing strategies for your company. With services like website design, paid advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, online presence creation, marketing strategies, campaign, community, and ad management, HEBA International takes pleasure in being a target-oriented digital marketing supplier. Through our tailored marketing campaigns for the constantly developing digital sector, HEBA International assists you in leveraging the appropriate digital marketing tactics & approaches to boost your brand awareness and build brand recall.

Instead of merely accepting clients, we work together with them to advance their businesses. Our clients have expanded their businesses and produced outstanding outcomes because of our unique and creative approach. Your one-stop shop for all your business needs is HEBA International.